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Los BUkis

The dream, that would become the romantic ballad band known as Los Bukis, began as a dream in Marco Antonio Solis' heart in Ario de Rosales in michoacan, Mexico, in 1970, he and his cousin Joel were performing together in Mexico city as a duet called "Los Soles Tarascos"; later they changed the name to "Los Hermanitos Solis" (The Solis Brothers); but it din't seem to really fit , so they came up with "Los Bukis" (the singer boys); and this legend was born.....

In 1973, they recorded their first "45" a song written by Marco called "Jugando con las Estrellas",(playing with the stars); this led to the opportunity to record their first album.....

In 1974 two other musicians joined the band , Quike and Angel, they began working together on their next project a full-length LP called "Falso Amor", the title song by Marco Antonio Solis became their first hit, and they became famous in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and the spanish community in the USA, as well as their native Mexico, other than "Falso Amor", the LP was made up of cover songs originally performed by other artis such as.

Camilo Sesto "Quieres ser mi amante", Rigo tovar "Cuando tu cariņo" Elio Roca "Te necesito tanto amor" Morris Albert "Sentimientos" (Feelings) Rodas/Martin Perez "Mi plegaria" Los Terricolas "Te juro que te amo".

But it was the song written and sing by Marco Antonio Solis that was a runaway hit, and stayed at the top of the charts for six weeks. Quite an acomplishment for a first album by a previously unknown band who had only been together for about a year "falso Amor" was only the first of many Marco Antonio Sols long listing of best selling albums and international hits songs, but this was just the begining for "Los Bukis".

After the runaway success of the first song written by Marco Antonio Solis released to the public, Los Bukis had no truble getting their own original material on their next album. "Te tuve y te perdi". Was recorded in 1977 and inmediately proved that this band was no "one hit wonder", the beautiful ballad "Te tuve y te perdi" quikly rose to the top of the charst, it was soon fallowed by "Una noche como esta", which hung on to second place in the Argentinian pop charst for an impresive 10 months. Marco Antonio Solis was now making a name for himself as a gifted songwriter, at the same time, his voices was developing into that of a ( ) full of passion and tenderness.

los bukis

coming soon the historyof los bukis