This website is devoted to the music of Los Bukis, Marco Antonio Solis, and Los Mismos, and the wonderful musicians who created this music. They have given the world a precious gift by sharing their hearts, their feelings, and their souls with us.

I thank them with all my heart....

I hope everyone who loves their music will contribute something to this page... tell us what your favorite song is, what it meant to you.... share a poem or song that you have written.... Have you seen them perform in concert? Or better yet, have you met any of them?

I am from the state of Michoacan in Mexico, where the members of Los Bukis were born and grew up. I have been fortunate enough to see them in concert six times; twice in Mexico and four times in New York City, where I now live. When I listen to their music, it fills my heart with the love of my home... I feel sad and yet so proud of them, and my people. I want this website to show the world how wonderful their music is...

I have many American friends; some of them understand Spanish... but all of them have come to love the Bukis' music. Even without knowing what the words mean, their music speaks to the heart...

We all hope that someday soon Marco Antonio and Los Mismos will record some of their songs in English. They deserve to have the whole world appreciate how magnificent their music is!

Please send me your contributions so that we can make this website a monument to the music we all love.

I am Salvador; pop the bubble and send me mail:

According to his official website, Marco Antonio can often be found smiling as he reads email from his fans all over the world... if you would like to tell him what his music means to you, send him your message in the bottle:

The Los Bukis Message Board is here for everyone to discuss all topics relating to the band, the men, and their music and projects. I hope you will take the time to visit the board to see what others have to say. Please feel free to respond to the posts, and to start a new thread of your own. Let's all share the wonderful feelings and experiences Los Bukis have inspired in us with their music through the years! See you there...

For all of you who have email, I have started a discussion list where fans of Los Bukis can share thoughts on the band and their music, as well as the latest news about their projects. Please click on the link below to subscribe to the list, and tell others about it too.... we want to get the conversation going!

Marco Antonio's official website has just been updated! Check here for the newest information about his new cd, his new daughter, and a personal message from Marco to his internet fans! You can listen to a sample from his new cd, and you can now learn about his life and his music in Spanish and English.

Marco's new cd, "Trozos de mi Alma" (Pieces of my Soul), is a magnificent collection of many of the songs that he has written in years past for other artists to perform. He sings them with all the tenderness and passion we have come to expect, and his beautiful voice is accompanied by a full orchestration that we have not heard before. Bravo Marco!

Los Bukis: Su Historia
Juan Manuel's Mexican website about all the members of Los Bukis and their current music and projects. There's lots of information and many of their songs in real audio for you to enjoy!

Rafael's Marco Antonio Solis Website
Rafael's was the very first web page devoted to Marco Antonio Solis; visit this loving tribute to the man and his music.

Marco Antonio Solis Bulletin Board
Bulletin board dedicated to Marco Antonio on the imusic website... you can post info and leave messages for other fans here.

Raul Roa is a photojournalist in Southern California who has taken pictures of many Latino performers in concert. He displays them on his fantastic website, along with his online publication, Celebrity News Magazine. There is a lot to enjoy there, everything is in English & Spanish, and he has graciously given me his permission to use his photos of Marco Antonio Solis as links to his webpages. Pay him a visit... I know you will enjoy his site as much as I do...

Marco has his own page on Raul's website; there are photographs of his recent concert at the Universal Ampitheater in Los Angeles. You can tell that Raul has a lot of love for his work, and the people he photographs. This is my favorite picture of Marco; visit his page, and see the rest for yourself.../td>

My thanks to the Lady Anduril for the use of her beautiful graphics. She not only customized the gifs of her lovely forest set for me, but took time out of her life to download the images into my files when I was unable to do so. Please visit her incredible graphics site, and indulge in the beauty of Anduril's art.....